How do I order a dollhouse?

When you are ready to place an order please email us listing your specific requirements and send it through to us or, if you prefer, contact us by phone.

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How do I install lighting in a dollhouse?

Please email us and we will send you our lighting instructions  which will take you through a step by step process with related pictures. Alternately you can contact us  for advice or to arrange a workshop.

We do not charge for our workshops.

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What are the options for payment of my dollhouse?

We provide an extended lay-by system of up to 12 months to spread the cost of your purchase, for larger custom built period pieces, longer periods can be negotiated to meet your requirements.

Payments can be made by PayPal,  Bank Transfer or cheque.

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Can you build a ‘one-off’ period dollhouse?

We  design and build ‘one-off’ period  dollhouses, shops or room-boxes for the serious collector. We have access to a wide range of period components and can replicate most period home styles from Australian period houses such as a Terrace houses, Victorian and Georgian Townhouses to 19th Century “Painted Ladies”.

To see more information go to our “Recent Projects” page.

Enquiries welcome.

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What types of kits are available?

We are also an agent for Craftworks Australia, there are a wide range of dollhouse styles available.
Please click on the link below to see available kits.

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What do I do if I want the house decorated or customised but I’m not sure of what I want?

Make a list of the features you would like (follow the links in the Shop On Line  page to make your selections). Once you have made your list forward a copy through to us, we will contact you to discuss and confirm selections so that we can  provide you with a quote for the decoration or customisation of your dollhouse.

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What are the options for colour schemes?

You can choose up to four colours to create your own heritage colour scheme. Select from any readily available colours from your local paint supplier.
Interiors are painted white, unless alternate arrangements have been made for additional detailing.The main paints we use are Dulux, Solver, Taubmans and Watlyl. Kits are unpainted  MDF.

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Are they sturdy as I want something that will last?

The dollhouses are made from medium density fibreboard (MDF), the windows are moulded plastic and hard-wearing. If the house is to be used by a young child, consider leaving the front off to provide easier access.
The houses are routered, nailed and glued together, so they are designed to be played with.

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How hard are the kits to assemble?

The kits are reasonably easy to assemble. They are pre-cut and fit together as a model with no extra machining required. Detailed instructions are provided and we also provide a complimentary help desk service to help you with your enquiries, we are happy to assist with the basic assembly to get you started.
Nails, screws and hinges are included,  all you need to know is how to use a drill and a hammer.

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