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The emergence of a bay front adjoining the verandah was characteristic of much of the turn of the century Federation style of architecture.

The Eliza is a type of house that would have appealed to the wealthy and established middle class. Its grandeur is suggested by the two large ‘ballroom’ style bay rooms (the upper room can be divided by inserting a partition).

This doll house is especially suited to the insertion of the return staircase(s) and, in keeping with its grandiose style, is also available in brick.

·         weatherboard walls

·         tiled roof with tiled dormer window

·         corrugated iron bullnose verandah

·         opening bay front and divided, rear-hinged, right wall

·         13 windows

·         8-9 rooms (including 2 attic and 2 stairwell)

·         return staircase to the first floor

·         walls

·         return staircase to the attic

·         verandah