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Readybuilt – $575.00

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Terrace houses characterised much of the early architecture of the inner city when builders and developers capitalised on high land values.

By the 1880’s the terraced house had become very elaborate, featuring cast iron lacework and columns which complemented their highly decorated facades (front door and windows).

The compact Townhouse doll house is supplied with three, free standing, arched room partitions, enabling 1 – 3 rooms to be ‘added’.

In keeping with its inner urban character, the Townhouse is available in brick.

·         plain walls

·         tiled roof with 2 tiled dormer windows

·         tiled verandah

·         5 windows

·         5 rooms (including 2 attic) up to 8 rooms if the 3 optional arched partitions are included

·         solid straight staircases to the attic

·         walls